seat at the table community
seat at the table community
seat at the table (SATT)

welcome to the seat at the table community

where global youth connect to make the world better.

About Us

seat at the table is a global community and conversation series. 

youth around the world join hour long conversations to explore the cultures, perspectives, and lived experiences of others while challenging the assumptions and stereotypes that divide our world.

our private community welcomes members to stay connected after their conversations and to share and explore global content.  

Disclaimer: While we welcome all youth who abide by our table manners for meaningful engagement, this is not a therapeutic environment. For those seeking therapeutic services for their wellbeing and mental health, we provide the needed resources for support.

Why You Should Join Us

to connect with people from different countries and cultures

to share your story with others.

to discover new things.

to enhance your language and communication skills.

to make a difference: reduce hate by connecting over similarities and differences

How to Gain Access

to join our private community, you must participate in at least 1 global conversation. once you have attended, you are invited to join the space or you can submit an easy request to join.

Community Vibes

be kind. be respectful. be authentic. be open-minded.

any form of disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. anyone who uses profanity or hate speech will be removed from the community and Global Nomads Group will be notified, blocking future access.

A Big Thanks

we do this for you. thank you for being curious, passionate, and determined. we have hope that our world can be a place that is safe for everyone no matter how we look or where live.

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